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An investment in MLVS is an investment in business as well as the community. Our programs reap rewards not only for students, but for employers, businesses, and taxpayers. An average cost of approximately $3,300 is required for a student to complete one of our programs. Once the student graduates and obtains a higher-paying job, this investment is returned to the community many times over. A greater number of living-wage workers results in a higher tax base and circulation of capital, strengthening local businesses and contributing to a healthy economy. In 2001, 225 out of 302 graduating students were placed in non-subsidized jobs, a placement rate of 75%. This means 225 fewer people receiving subsidies from the state and federal government, saving taxpayers thousands of dollars every year.

In addition, employers who hire MLVS graduates see concrete profits. A report issued by the workforce development organization, San Francisco Works, shows that businesses gain the following benefits from partnerships with pre-employment development programs, such as those offered by MLVS: an expanded applicant pool; reduced recruitment, hiring and training costs; hiring tax credits; increased productivity; higher employee retention rates; enhanced community and brand recognition; and increased workplace diversity.

According to the U.S. Department of Labor’s 2001 Report on the American Workforce, over the next decade the populations of Asians and Hispanics are expected to grow much faster than those of other groups in the U.S. As they will continue to constitute an ever-growing segment of the workforce, it is to the benefit of employers to work toward educating these populations in order to make them the most effective workers possible.

Over the long-term, investing in MLVS contributes to a stronger society. Studies have shown that lower wages and higher unemployment rates increase the rate of crimes such as assault, robbery, and drug-dealing. MLVS’ goal is to reverse this trend in the community, in addition to encouraging self-esteem, family stability, and civic pride. In partnership with generous local businesses and individuals, we can continue to improve socio-economic conditions within the community for the betterment of the larger society.


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